1. General Assembly
  2. President of Chamber
  3. Main Council
  4. Chamber’s Presidium
  5. Auditing Commisson
  6. Arbitration Commisson

Authorities of the Chamber are chosen for 4 years terms of the all members of the Chamber. Procedures and rules of election Chamber authorities describe election law, accepted by VIII General Assembly. Voting are secret..

Chamber’s authorities, if General Assembly will not decide otherwise are communally. Main Council dependending on needs can define rules and procedures of restitution of working costs.

Expiration of the Chamber’s member mandate takes place due to:

  1. withdraw of authority by Chamber’s members to their representatives;
  2. writing resignation from officiating;
  3. death
  4. end of term

In case of resignation of the member of Chamber’s authorities during his cadency or creating vacancy due to other reasons, there is possibility of cooption from candidates presented by Chamber’s member which were represented in the Chamber’s authorities by retiring representative. But number of cooption representatives could, not be higher then ½ elected representatives ( except President of the Chamber). Expiration of mandate is being made by resolution

Due to important cases, during their cadency, members of the Main Council, can be dismis during their cadency based on the General Assembly resolution. Individual memebers of the Chamber’s Presidium can be dissmissed basing on the Main Council resolution. Those resolutions are undertake by ordinary majority of votes.