Main Council

President – Sławomir KUŁAKOWSKI

  1. Chairman – Piotr MAZUREK , President of the Board Metal Works MESKO S.A.
  2. Vice-Chairman – Marian CZAJKA ; President of SWPS Jan Kiliński Company
  3. Vice-Chairman – Józef JAKUBCZYK; Director OBR- Naval Technology Center
  4. Vice-Chairman – Henryk KNAPCZYK; Director OBRUM
  5. Vice-Chairman – Ryszard KOSTROW; Director WITU
  6. Vice-Chairman – Krzysztof TONDERSKI; Director PHZ CENZIN
  7. Vice-Chairman -Piotr WOJCIECHOWSKI; Chairman of the Board WB ELECTRONICS


  • BESS-POL–Mikołaj KUROWSKI, Chairman of the Board
  • BUMAR– Zbigniew NITA, Vice-Chairman of the Board
  • ENAMOR– Janusz MATYSIK, General Director
  • Energomontaż Północ S.A.– Janusz ZWADA
  • Huta Stalowa Wola S.A.-Mirosław BRYSKA, Chairman of the Board
  • KAMA– Krzysztof MIEKINA , Owner
  • KUPCZAK PRODUCTS– Bogusław KUPCZAK, Chairman
  • MAW TELECOM– Marek A. WOŚKO , Chairman of the Board
  • MORATEX– Witold Łuczyński, Director
  • NAT– Leszek CIHCOCKI , Owner
  • Polish Aviation Works– Zbigniew DZIAŁKOWSKI , Chairman of the Board
  • PROTEKTOR SA– Wincenty BORYC, Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Industrial Telecomunication Institute– Roman DUFRENE, Director
  • PZL WARSZAWA II– Krzysztof JURKIEWICZ, Member of the Board
  • PZL ŚWIDNIK S.A.– Mieczysław MAJEWSKI, Chairman of the Board
  • RADWAR S.A.– Leszek PAWŁOWSKI, Chairman of the Board
  • RADMOR S.A.– Andzrej Synowiecki, Chairman of the Board
  • SELMAR– Piotr OHNSORGE, Director
  • SOPRO– Andrzej MOŚCICKI, Director
  • Stocznia Marynarki Wojennej (Polish Navy Shipyard) – Edward OSSOWICKI, Director’s advisor
  • Stocznia Północna (North Shipyard) – Leon DOMARADZKI, Chairman of the Board
  • STRABAG– Dariusz SŁOTWIŃSKI, Chairman of the Board
  • TRAWENA – Franciszek A. ZIAJKOWSKI, Chairman of the Board
  • WAREL – Waldemar KAMIŃSKI, Chairman of the Board
  • Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze nr. 1 ( Military Aviation Works nr. 1) – Jan PIĘTOWSKI, Director


Main Council is the highest Chamber bodies, beetwen session of General Assembly. Main council consist from 32 members, chosen by General Assembly, through candidates designated by Chamber’s members and President of the Chamber. Rules and procedures election are describe by election law resolved by General Assembly.

Each member of the Chamber can submit on General Assembly one candidate to Main Council. Members of the Main Council, are beeing chosen among the Presidium of the Chamber and determine statute of the Main Council.

Main Council have meetings twice a year. Meeting are convening by Chamber’s President or member of the Chamber’s presidium who replace him, from their own initiative or on apllication minium 1/3 main Council members, or on application of auditing commision. Main Council meetings are beeing preside by the Chamber’s President or by memeber of Cghamber’s Presidium who replace him.

Voting on the Council meeting are transparent, if nobody from the Council will require another form of voting. Main Council resolutions are undartake by simple majority. Members of the Council have the right to submit other opinion and motivate them in writing form. This motiviation should be put down in the Chamber’s office not later then 3 days after meeting.

Main Council authorities:

1.Execute Generel Assembly resolutions
2.Taking decisions in the membership cases
3. Determine annual programm of activity and approve financial plans
4. Undertake resolutions about entrance fee, membership fee, and method of payment
5. Examine Chamber’s president raports about execute financing plans and ratify financial raport
6. Resolve working regulations of Main Council
7. Appoint and dimis Chamber’s Presiudium memebrs
8. Give graduation to Chamber’s Presidium
9. Examine reports from Chamber’s Presidium activity
10. Taking resolution in all other cases reserved by this statue to the Main Council authority