Auditing Commission


1. Chairman: Tadeusz DROZDOWSKI ; Deputy director , Industrial Institute of Electronics
2. Vice-Chairman: Witold WIŚNIOWSKI; Aviation Institute
3. Secretary: Bogdan BARTOSIŃSKI; Director, WAMTECHNIK
4. Member: Józef Piotra GUZA , Owner , MIG;
5. Member: Janusz POTOCKI, Director, Military Motorisation Works nr. 5


Auditing commisson consist of 5 people chosen by General Assembly, by ordinary majority of votes on the election rules which are determined by election law accepted by General Assembly. Members of auditing commission couldn’t be a memebr of other Chamber’s authorities bodies.

Members of the auditing comission chosen among themselves Chairman, Vice-chairman and Secretary. Resolutions. Commison’s resolutions are being accepted by oridary majority of votes. Rules of working are determined by statute.

To the Auditing Commission competence belongs:

1. Conducting annual and actual controls of the Chamber’s activity, as well as compability with existing law.
2. Investigating finances and compability of the expenses with Chamber’s financing plan
3. Presenting to General Assembly and Main Council remarks and conclusions about current Chamber’s activity.
4. Presenting to General Assembly conclusions in case of giving a graduation of Main Council and Chamber’s Presidium
5. Presenting to General Assembly annual reports from their activity
6. Electing of expert auditor