Branch teams

Chamber’s presidium can:

  • Establish and dissolve branch team
  • Control their activities ·
  • Authorise a chairman , members of the team and their charter

On the value of the Chamber’s presidium resolution nr. 2/III/2005 from 1st February 2005 , in the Polish Chamber of National Defence Manufacturers function following branch teams:

  • Aviation Team – Chairman: Witold WIŚNIOWSKI – director of Aviation Institute
  • Navy Team – Chairmam Józef JAKUBCZYK – director of OBR-CTM
  • Armoured Vehicles Team– Chairman- Antoni SZULBORSKI vice –director of the „C” office in BUMAR company.
  • Weapons, Ammunition and Explosive Materials Team– Chairman : Dariusz TYMIŃSKI , president of OPTIMUM
  • Electronic, Optoelectronic Informatic Systems and Communication Team– Chairman Leszek RADWAN , President of the board ZURAD
  • Logistic Team– Chairman: Piotr OHNSORGE Director of SELMAR
  • Soldier Equipment Team– Chairman : Franciszek ZIAJKOWSKI , President of TRAWENA
  • Military Infrastructure Team– Chairman : Paweł KARCZMAREK , President of the board of GOLD-BUDEX Company
  • Special Export Team– Chairman Tadeusz BEDNAREK President of the board of PHZ CENZIN
    Chamber’s memebrs which are interested in the activity in the on of the teams, please contact with Ms. Izabela JANIAK : tel. (+48-22) 634-47-78; faks: ( + 48-22) 836-84-24 , e-mail: