Arbitration Commission


1. Chairman – Włodzimierz BORZYCH, President of the Board, NITROCHEM S.A.
2. Vice-Chairman – Artur ŁYSAKOWSKI, President of the Board, BELMA S.A.
3. Member – Edmund WARZYSZYŃSKI , President of the Board, Bipromasz Bipron Trading


Arbitration Commission consists of 3 people who are beeing chosen by General Assembly by ordinary majority on the rules and procedures defined by law regulations, resolved by General Assembly.
Arbitration Commission is choosing among their members Chairman, Vice-chairman and secretary. Memebers of Arbitration Commision couldn’t be a member of other Chamber’s bodies

Runtime modes and rules of arbitration commission works and all procedures are being defined by statutes of arbitrating commision reseolved by this commision.
,br> Arbitration Commission is appointed to decide in controversy matters submitted by Chamber’s members or Chamber’s bodies. To the Abitration Commission competence belongs also deciding in matters which are appear from Chamber’s status and membership obligation and also rules of morality between :

1) Chamber’s memebrs
2) Chamber and Chamber’s memebers.

Commission initiate conduct on the party concerned motion, verdict is transmitted to the both sides and to the Main Council.